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When Is It Too Late To Cancel An Interview?

    Even though you had said yes to a job interview, now you’re having second thoughts.

    Jobseekers postpone interviews for various reasons, but if you do decide to do so, it’s wise to be certain that you don’t really want the position.

    Here are a few common concerns of individuals who want to cancel their job interviews.

    Is it rude or unprofessional to cancel a job interview?

    Is It Too Late To Cancel An Interview?

    A job interview cancellation doesn’t exactly appear great. However, if you are certain you do not want the position, it is not necessarily disrespectful to choose wisely for your profession and save everyone’s time.

    There are, of course, professional ways to end an interview.

    Therefore, even though postponing a job interview could be difficult, excluding oneself from the hiring process might save both you and your potential employer a huge amount of time.

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    When to cancel a job interview

    Is It Too Late To Cancel An Interview?
    Is It Too Late To Cancel An Interview?

    There are various reasons why people postpone or cancel job interviews. For example, suppose you are certain that this is not a position you want to hold and take a bet on your chances with the employer for whom you were interviewing because they might not think to depend on you again.

    In that case, it is acceptable to cancel an interview. Life happens, and people get second thoughts; it’s normal.

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    Here are a few good reasons to cancel an interview :

    • You accepted a better employment opportunity coming your way.
    • You learned some information about the business that conflicts with your ideals. Therefore you decided that you cannot be involved.
    • You came to the conclusion that you cannot afford the professional change, whether it be due to the longer commute, the potential need to relocate, a wage reduction, or the loss of benefits.
    • You prioritized other commitments, including those to your family or a different hobby.
    • You’ve determined that right now, staying in your current position is what you want to do.
    • You changed your mind.

    It’s also crucial to remember that you have the choice of politely declining the interview rather than accepting it, and then going back out later if you have been expressing any of the reasons mentioned not to take the position if offered.

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    When is it too late to cancel a job interview?

    In reality, it is never too late to cancel a job interview. What actually is frustrating is knowing that you wouldn’t take the offer and still wasting the hiring manager’s time.

    However, you must give as much notice as possible and be considerate of the manager’s time. An apology and accepting that the decline is last minute is also a must.

    How to cancel an interview on the same day

    Here are a few tips to cancel your interview on the same day.

    How to cancel an interview on the same day
    How to cancel an interview on the same day

    Inform at the earliest

    When you’re certain that you want to skip the interview, let the company know right away. The warning will be appreciated. Instead of a few hours before your interview, it will be much better if you decline a few days beforehand.

    Be direct

    Sending a 500-word message to cancel a job interview serves no purpose, and waiting till the penultimate paragraph to notify the recruiting manager of your cancellation is ineffective.

    When canceling an interview through email, it can be tempting to be vague, but it’s important to be direct and explain your decision right away.

    Mention the job title

    Consider mentioning the job title you were under consideration for and the interview date while writing to cancel, as some businesses interview many individuals for multiple roles.

    It’s a good addition but not entirely necessary, and employers will value it.

    Reason for cancellation

    You can explain to the employer why you had to postpone the interview if you’d prefer.

    For instance, it’s helpful to let the employer know if you’re unable to join the interview because you’ve accepted another employment, so they don’t waste time attempting to reschedule, etc.

    Apologize sincerely

    Think about including an apology for the inconvenience in your email if you want to maintain a positive working relationship with this company and the hiring manager.

    Impressions on candidates that cancel an interview at the last minute

    When you cancel an interview at the last minute, the hiring manager or the organization can have these thoughts about you.

    You may appear as unreliable

    Canceling the interview could damage your reputation if you did so for unethical motives or in order to convey an unprofessional message.

    The cancellation can be used against you

    Be cautious if you’re considering another role at the firm or a business like it, even if you no longer want the job.

    You don’t want the recruiting manager for this position to warn others to avoid you because you’re untrustworthy.

    You might not get another interview at the firm

    If you cancel right away, it’s possible that you won’t receive another chance to interview for that job or for a different one with the organization.

    Email template to cancel an interview

    Hello or Dear [name of employer or interviewer],

    This is to inform you that, regretfully, I will not be attending the [job title] position interview that we had scheduled for [day and time] at [location].

    I appreciate you considering me for this position, but I’ve chosen to withdraw.

    [Shortly explain, without divulging too much, why you’re canceling, such as reconsidering the career move.]

    I deeply regret any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience.

    (Your name)


    Cancel an interview vs. reschedule it

    Rescheduling an interview isn’t optimal either, but depending on your circumstances, it may not necessarily be unprofessional.

    Of course, there are a few situations in which you shouldn’t reschedule, such as when you’re hungover, didn’t make a plan, forgot something more exciting, or weren’t adequately prepared.

    However, your interviewer should be understanding if you need to reschedule a meeting due to a major health issue, an unavoidable professional obligation, or a personal emergency.

    A final word

    Canceling a job interview at the last moment can be indeed daunting.

    However, handling the situation professionally and sensitively will help you maintain professional relations with the firm and hiring manager.

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