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How To Deal with A Manager That Undermines Other Managers?

    While some managers can’t change other people, they can learn ways to keep themselves from other supervisors who undermine them.

    There are several reasons why managers undermine others. Sometimes they feel they are not being treated with the respect they deserve.

    They may try to undermine others to obtain power or attention. Sometimes, they feel good when undermining others in the workplace. Supervisors may use undermining tactics to maintain their status or position.

    You may do a few things to deal with if you find that your management in charge is trying to undermine other employees at work.

    How To Deal with A Manager That Undermines Other Managers?

    How To Deal with A Manager That Undermines Other Managers
    How To Deal with A Manager That Undermines Other Managers

    1. As an Employee

    How Do You Deal with A Manager Who Undermines You?

    Talk to the supervisor about undermining others and attempt to understand why they are doing it. Even if you’re angry or frustrated, maintain your calmness and professionalism.

    Make it clear that you won’t accept the behavior and address the issue in the HR department if this manager continuously undermines other individuals in the office.

    • Take some time to think about how the other manager feels and work on making them feel better about themselves.
    • You may feel you need to protect their assumptions, thoughts, and ideas, or they need to prove themselves, but you don’t know why.
    • Enlist a manager as a witness. So that you have management support when dealing with this undesired behavior of the supervisor attempting to undermine others, report to another senior supervisor to observe the behaviors you have noticed.
    • Spend some time explaining to them what they are doing and why. Your supervisor might not be aware of how actions are affecting others.
    • A direct discussion can enable you to clear up misunderstandings regarding the undermined worker, which may even improve the relationship between both workers.

    Nobody should feel undermined at work, and you can stop it with a little effort. It could be challenging to apply this advice if you are working with a manipulative person. As much as you can, observe your undermining management in charge of interactions with various other people.

    It is an indication of psychological manipulation. Your boss doesn’t have a consistent personality; instead, he does whatever he thinks and will undermine others to achieve his goals.

    Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. It includes the right to defend oneself from physical, psychological, or emotional damage. Some manipulative workers could undermine others to get to agree with their demands.

    While every situation is different, generally, the other manager should be able to go to the office without constantly being in fear of a demotion or a job loss.

    Ask the person who is undermined that he should never hold himself responsible for the acts of others. It’s a common tactic used by undermining managers to make them feel guilty about themselves and agree with their demands.

    Tell the manager that every mishap is not your fault. No one is perfect in this world. The supervisor who is trying to undermine others might be wrong.

    2. As A Manager

    A manager who is bad for the workplace makes it impossible for the business to operate. You may get in trouble depending on how you deal with his undermining behavior.

    Stay cheerful, your way of work might improve a supervisor and make the workplace a comfortable, more productive place for everyone.

    Find out why the supervisors do things that hurt the individuals at the company. Find out if he is being rude or if his actions are caused by a need to be in charge.

    Find out if he’s trying to be funny or cute. Ask him what you can do to convince him to change.

    If you think the person needs professional help because of personal problems, offer it, but don’t force him.

    If his issues are related to the company, motivate him, listen to what he has to say, and guide him to a better solution for him and the company.

    • Engage the supervisor with one objective to stop the behavior that is putting you down.
    • Explain how the specific events you wrote down go against the company’s values.
    • Explain the bad things that happened because of each situation.
    • Count the number of times you saw the supervisor undermining you or other staff at the department, and write down exactly what happened each time.
    • Give the supervisor specific examples of how he’s been intimidating others, making it hard for him to deny it. Show how the choices he makes hurt the team.
    • The manager’s actions might be due to a variety of reasons.
    • They may be jealous of your popularity or of the successful reputation you are thought to have.
    • You can better prepare for dealing with them if you understand their motivations.

    Finish your meeting by expressing your confidence in his ability to make the necessary changes in a good way. Show your faith in his ability to stop undermining actions. Excellent performance at work has many adverse social consequences.

    Impact on The Workplace Environment

    The way managers undermine can hurt how a team works, so it’s essential to deal with it correctly. With patience and determination, you can stop undermining and improve the workplace.

    Poor management can affect employees’ productivity and ability to come up with new ideas and adapt to changing business conditions.

    One direct effect of bad management is stress among workers, which can be caused by a tense relationship with a boss or a massive amount of work, or managers undermining one another.

    Impact on The Workplace Environment
    Impact on The Workplace Environment

    Most people agree that committed and productive managers have a good balance between work and life. However, pressure at work can lead to misfortune or sadness at the residence, where the individuals are depressed and most likely unhappy at work.

    Managers are responsible for their own organization’s departments. A fall in efficiency or quality of work could hurt the business in ways that could be terrible.

    It could make the employee unhappy and lead to a high turnover of staff, which is another cost to the business.


    The things our managers do can sometimes hurt us a lot. Being undermined doesn’t feel good. Once individuals are hurt, they often take it out on other people. That may be what happened to your manager. Take the time to see things from their point of view.

    When you’re a manager, you might feel you’re being put down because you’re not sure of yourself.

    So, if you’re a leader or an employee who feels like you’ve been undermined, you should first look at yourself and figure out why this situation is only occurring to you.

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