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How to deal with a coworker that wants to do everything ?

    Coworker might think he is the best person in the department ? coworker that wants to do everything ?

    You’ve never heard him say, “I don’t know.” If there is a problem, he thinks he can fix it, he knows how to answer any question, but that is not actually the fact.

    Your coworker isn’t interested in new ideas or working together, and sometimes, this coworker tries to take over the job without learning and understanding how it works.

    It can be tricky to handle coworkers who are too bossy and try to take over tasks and control you. It can also affect your performance and keep you from improving at what you do or moving up in your field.

    Reasons Why Your Coworker Wants to Do Everything?

    Most individuals have experienced at least one know-it-all coworker at a certain point in their professional life.

    These individuals aren’t always able to deal with new ideas and difficult situations which they cannot tackle alone. Following are the reasons why your coworker wants to do everything independently.

    coworker that wants to do everything
    A coworker that wants to do everything

    They Don’t Want to Be Controlled

    A coworker might want to do everything because they often take over discussions, don’t listen to other people’s ideas, and make decisions before looking at all the facts. A

    fter that, they are used to it and want to do everything themselves. They don’t want to be controlled; instead, they control others.

    Consider Themselves the Best One

    It can be pretty hard to work with someone who thinks they know everything and consider themselves the best since they have more knowledge and work experience.

    As a result, it’s tough to persuade such a coworker that his concept or solution might not be suitable. It won’t change their mind; they consider themselves the best ones and have the confidence that they can do everything without help.

    Give Orders

    Once your work colleagues want to do everything, another big problem is that they like to continue giving you commands even though they’re not your boss and may attempt to take over your project to get the credit.

    If you see this behavior in a coworker, you must talk to him about it to stop him from doing it again.

    Don’t Listen To Others

    They usually talk too much, ignore what other people say, and decide things without first thinking about all the facts; that’s why they think they can do everything, but this often leads to unhappy colleagues, unhappy customers, and a disappointing work environment.

    bossy Coworker
    Bossy Coworker

    How to Handle Such a Coworker?

    Try these things if you have a coworker who thinks they know everything and can do anything:


    Interacting with a bossy coworker can be challenging, and sometimes the best thing to do is to ignore as many of their suggestions as possible. Rather than starting a conversation with colleagues and arguing, say, “thanks for that suggestion.”

    Prove Him That You’re Better

    If your coworker doesn’t think you’re better for the job, you should be sure when you give a presentation. Make sure your facts are correct by double-checking your sources.

    If you know more than your coworker who believes he knows everything, prove yourself for the job and show him that you can do the work and don’t need his suggestions.

    Don’t Inform Your Supervisor Except If Your Achievement Is at Risk

    If you have to, keep a good attitude, don’t tell your boss about your co-worker’s bad habits, and be patient to ensure the work gets done.

    If the situation gets too bad, try to talk to your boss and tell them how such behavior of a specific member affects the group and the workplace culture.

    Can A Coworker Treat You Like A Subordinate?

    No, a coworker is someone you work with at the same business or firm. If a coworker behaves like a supervisor and continues to treat you like an employee, you need to deal with it because he is not your boss.

    It shouldn’t matter how someone acts unless it makes it hard for you to do your job or gets in the way of your work.

    Coworkers care about their jobs and want them to be done well. It’s not acceptable to do your work on your coworker’s orders; otherwise, he will consider you a subordinate.

    Thoughtful conversations that involve you and your coworker should be applied still, again you are not a slave to your coworker.

    What to Do When Your Senior Colleague Is Trying to Manage You?

    Your coworker is trying to control you, it can be frustrating and annoying, but if you have the best mentality and frame of mind, you can deal with him well. Here are a few things you can do to assist:

    Stay Calm

    It may feel unpleasant whenever somebody tells you what to do or takes over you. And it’s essential to keep your emotions under control. People who want to do everything by themselves love to get a strong reaction that makes them look bossy.

    Be Direct

    You’ll need to say something clear and impactful to deal with your bossy coworker. Use a calm, businesslike tone and maintain your conversation short and to the point. Don’t cause any trouble, and be respectful and relaxed.

    You might tell your coworker how their behavior makes you feel without pointing fingers and only using “I” statements, and then let the others understand you want it to be friendly and end this behavior.

    Don’t Let It Bother You

    Remember that your coworker’s actions have nothing to do with you, do not let their actions or words bother you. It is all about his desire to feel essential and in charge. You’re just in their way. Never make him succeed in his plan of becoming a boss. Never obey his orders like you are a slave.

    Lead by Example

    Be the change you want to see when dealing with a bossy, controlling coworker or any other difficult person in your life. Act and talk the way you’d like to be treated, and people will treat you the same way.


    Dealing with a difficult coworker is a challenging skill. Even if most of the people you hang out with are easy to understand, you still need to know how to deal with complicated people.

    If you know how to deal with consequences, you might be able to keep the peace at work. Getting through this individual is a big part of learning how to deal with conflicts and how to get through hard times.

    Even though you learn how to deal with their mistakes or bad habits, you’ll be able to pay more attention to your work and the people you like to work with within your department.

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