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How Hard Is It to Work at Starbucks? [Answered]

    Many people ask how hard is it to work at Starbucks. Generally, it’s not at all complicated or hard.

    It’s a nice place that could keep you well occupied. To learn the task, you must put in the time and effort. Becoming a barista could be fun and not too hard once you get used to it.

    Being a barista is about more than just making drinks. It’s about making someone’s day, leaving a lasting impression on customers, and working to make a difference worldwide. Starbucks offers plenty of jobs and ultimately helps people all over the world with financial support.

    They have excellent training, and their fabulous workers are always happy to help if you forget how to make a drink or do a task.

    But on the other hand, as a coffee bar barista, you have to stand for long shifts. Several baristas complain that they can’t sit down for long periods. It can be challenging to rush during hours when you’re tired and your legs hurt.

    How Hard Is It to Work at Starbucks? Is It Worth It?

    How Hard Is It to Work at Starbucks
    How Hard Is It to Work at Starbucks

    Working at coffee bars has been a lot of fun. It has pros and cons, but it’s a regular or occasional post with a lot of flexibility and benefits for both full-time and part-time jobs. The coffee shop is a better place to work than most hourly jobs.

    A coffee bar is considered one of the best places to work because it has many benefits and pays its baristas a good starting wage of $15 per hour.

    Many members who work at Starbucks say that they like the atmosphere and the fact that they can set their hours. Some individuals might find the job complex or stressful, especially if it has a lot of customers, but in general, most people seem to like it.

    Also, members who are hired at coffee shops get free drinks. They are also given a 30% discount on food and drinks at the coffee bar.

    When they get tired, they can drink as many coffee drinks as they like because most drinks are accessible for people who get tired during breaks.

    Fortune named Starbucks the fifth-most-liked company in the world in 2018. It has also been on Forbes’ lists of Top Regarded Companies of 2018, the Best job for Women, and Best Employers for Diversity, among others.

    How Hard It Is to Get A Job at Starbucks?

    It’s not always easy to have a job around here. It has been said that obtaining a position at bars is incredibly hard.”

    Every year, more than 1 million individuals apply for jobs at Starbucks, and About 80,000 new employers are hired each year (for both temporary and permanent placements, full-time and part-time).

    It’s easy to figure out that less than 10% of individuals who desire to work at Starbucks in one’s retail stores get hired by the company. A job at a bar may be different from others because it allows you to connect with customers worldwide.

    You’ll make tasty drinks and establish relationships with clients and other workers on the job. As a result, you can expect significant benefits and a warm, friendly environment.

    Most baristas seem to be between the ages of 16 to 24, which is when people start to think a lot about their education. When someone gets a position at these shops, they usually keep it. From what others say, the turnover rate is lower than in any other industry that is in a similar situation.

    Starbucks hires new people daily to get a position in its stores and corporate offices. These bars are a great workplace, so many people want to work there but it’s hard to get hired.

    To become a prideful bar member, research to establish yourself as their top candidate, look for new positions and ace your interview. Then you can take your post and look for ways to move up in the company.

    Working at Starbucks With No Experience

    For an entry-level post at a coffee shop, you need to be 16 years old and don’t need any special skills. However, hiring managers may look for candidates who have worked in the service industry before. At this place, it’s essential to have a friendly atmosphere.

    People who want jobs at these bars can learn new skills and grow. There are entry-level positions for individuals just starting and management positions requiring leadership experience or previous food service.

    No matter what position you want, your main job is to work with other members to keep making customers happy.

    If you can impress the hiring managers, you can receive competitive pay, good benefits, and employee discounts. Team members can also progress to a supervisory role through the ranks. People with excellent organization and skills can get a pay raise and move to management positions.

    If you want to be a barista at a shop or any other position, you should keep a few things in mind. Starting a career from zero can be hard sometimes.

    No matter where you desire to look, it would be helpful if you are realistic and prepare logical solutions to some problems.

    Soon, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to do well. Every coffee bar store is a different workplace because a different group of members sets each one up in a slightly different environment. So, even though most workplaces are the same, the experiences won’t be.

    working at starbucks with no experience
    working at starbucks with no experience


    Starbucks tries to help people and communities worldwide in a good way. To ensure that all employees feel welcome, the company ensures each shop location has a welcoming environment and supports diversity in the workplace.

    Suppose you want to work at many coffee shops, research and ask people who have already worked there, what they think of it. You can do this by questioning people you know or using online question-and-answer forums. In either case, it’s an excellent way to start a job hunt at Starbucks.

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