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Drinking before a Job Interview? Bad idea?

    If you think, drinking before a Job Interview, will help you to gain confidence by keeping you calm. But that is not the case always.

    In some cases, drinking worsens the anxiety, making you even more stressed, and you start to sweat and lose control of yourself.

    Drinking before a Job Interview Vs Being Sober

    In our lives, we face many situations that require us to be sober. We tend to get anxious in stressful situations. In that critical moment, people adopt two kinds of behaviors.

    Drinking before a Job Interview
    Drinking before a Job Interview

    Some people prefer to calm themselves through techniques of mediation, and some people prefer to drink for de-stressing.

    People differ from each on the basis of coping mechanism. Coping mechanism is supposed to calm oneself in a tough situation.

    Drinking and meditating do not go hand in hand when it comes to the calmness of the nervous system.

    Can Drinking Before an Interview Have Some Benefits?

    In our lives, most of the time, we have to sit in front of a panel either for study interview or job interview. Sitting in front of people who even focus on the movement of finger cause stress even the thought of that too.

    Now, interviews can be either formal or informal. They involve a specific set of questions that an interviewee must answer. Obviously, you need to be sober to answer the questions correctly.

    However, there are times when they can be quite overwhelming. Some candidates are just unable to remain calm throughout the process.

    Since they are unable to stay calm and composed, they need to do something to be confident. Drinking is often a solution that people think of.

    Surprisingly, drinking can have several benefits. First, it can calm your nerves and enable you to remain calm throughout the process.

    Second, it can give you a boost in confidence and enable you to speak what you want. However, this is where the benefits end.

    Should You Drink Before an Interview? Pros and Cons

    Honestly, the choice is in your hands. You can either drink or attempt to remain sober before an interview. Drinking has both its pros and cons.


    Here are some pros of drinking before your interview:

    • Nothing, trust me


    These are some cons of drinking before an interview:

    • Drinking can mess up your rationality.
    • It can cause your breath to stink, increasing the possibility of the employer detecting it and immediately rejecting you.
    • It can affect how you think and respond to questions.

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    Will Drinking Before A Job Interview Calm My Nerves?

    It will not only calm your nerves but also reduce your anxiety. However, it is because it affects how you think and feel. You may have seen a drunk person laughing without any reason. It is because alcohol messes with how you think.

    Drinking provides a calming effect for a short period of time. Drinking clears your thought process and thus you feel confident and happy.

    However, some negative traits include disturbing the speech and thinking abilities and causing you to stink while breathing.

    It is not suggested to drink while going for an important task as drinking manipulates the thinking pattern causing one person to lose control of himself.

    One of the tell-tale signs of a drunk person is his irrationality. In response to a question, a drunk person will give an unexpected answer.

    It is possible that a person might even begin laughing out of a sudden. After all, we never know how a drunk person will behave under the effect of alcohol.

    In a worse situation, it is possible that a drunk person might even adopt rigid and threatening behaviour which can result in some serious consequences and issues.

    It will not only get you rejected from the interview but it can even cause you to be arrested. Therefore, drinking before an interview is not something that is actually recommended.

    Instead of getting you selected, it can definitely lead to some serious problems.

    Let us assume one situation of drinking before an interview. If you drink before an interview, it will help you to gain confidence by keeping you calm. But that is not the case always.

    In some cases, drinking worsen the anxiety, making you even more stressed and you start to sweat and lose control of yourself.

    In some cases, due to intoxication, drinking blurs the vision even that can lead to many other problems. Such kind of behavior would not help you to earn the job in any case.

    Only practice is the key to calm oneself that comes with time, not with drinking or taking shortcuts.

    You will not only lose the potential job, but you will also lose your reputation.

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    Drinking before a Job Interview in Zoom

    One may think that drinking before a Zoom interview reduces the likelihood of being caught. Moreover, it can help you calm your nerves. Well, it is true that your employer will be unable to detect if your breath is stinking.

    However, the matter remains that even in a Zoom interview, you are likely to give wrong answers and have trouble understanding questions.

    You might have to ask the employer several times to repeat the questions. The same goes for the employer, as he may also be unable to comprehend your answers.

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    Drinking Before A Phone Interview

    In a phone interview, the possibility of employees smelling alcohol and observing your expressions is eliminated. While it does raise your chances of being undetected, it does not mean you will be selected for the job.

    As with a Zoom interview, how you understand questions, respond to them, and even your voice is enough to determine if you will be selected or not. As said before, alcohol affects your rationality and you may be unable to process questions and answer them.

    Overall, it is your wittiness and behavior that will play a critical role in determining your chances of being selected.

    Overall, drinking can calm your nerves, but it can also influence your rationality. It will even raise the likelihood of your potential employer detecting the fact that you are drunk.

    In a worst-case scenario, you will be escorted out of the office by either the police or security. It is better to be anxious during your interview instead of drinking and ruining not only your future career but also your reputation.

    Therefore, you are not recommended to drink before any type of interview as it can lead to some devastating outcomes. Instead, just practice as much as you can and even if you do fail, it will still offer a lot of experience.

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