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Free mailing of your CV to 300+ companies to find remote work.

How it works

Fill in the form

Fill in the form and attach your CV


We process the data we receive and select the companies which you are most suitable for


We mail your CV to the selected companies

Offer or rejection

If somebody gets interested in your CV they will get in touch with you through the contacts listed on your CV. If not, we will continue mailing your CV

Someone showed interest in me, what’s next?

The company representative will contact you to discuss the details of the interview.

Nobody has contacted me, what’s next?

This means that at the moment your CV hasn’t attracted the attention of the employers. Have no fear, we will continue mailing it. The list of the employers is being constantly updated.

I haven’t received anything.

It means that we are overwhelmed. You can contact our support group for the update on the status of your CV.

Why is it free?

Reason №1

We have come up with a more effective way of monetization, which will suit both the employers and the candidates.

Reason №2

We understand that there are a lot of similar services. And to get you interested in our service, we take all the expenses of processing and mailing your CVs.

Reason 3

How do we earn money?

We have developed unique tools which allow you to present yourself at the labour market in a more effective way. You can use them if you need it.


Monitor mailing process

You can monitor the efficiency of CV mailing on your account page.

Main questions

1) What is remote work?

It is a type of work which doesn’t require you to sit in the office. Now you can work from any corner of the world.

2) What do I need for it?

All you need is a computer and an internet access.

3) Which specialists are in demand for remote work?

At the moment our employers are interested only in IT-specialists. But we are working on attracting companies from other spheres.

4) What if nobody gets interested in my CV?

There’s nothing to fear. Our list of employers is being constantly updated.

5) How can I update the CV I have already sent?

Send your new CV to our e-mail:

6) How is it different from an advertisement board?

We do all the work. You don’t have to look through all those advertisement boards with 1000+ candidates to one job offer. All you need to do is to check your e-mail often.

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